La Résidence

Located between Rue du commerce and rue des Deux Eglises, in the heart of Brussels in the European district, the Residence consists of 15 furnished flats and shops on groundfloor. Thisoffers an exceptional urban quality of life to the inhabitants.

Close to shops, major roads and all amenities, this residence totally furnished will meet the expectations of all candidates wishing to rent a 1, 2 or 3 bedroom flat.

In addition to these advantages, most of the units have terraces offering tenants a private outdoor space.
Parking spaces are also available, offering a sustainable solution to the lack of on-street parking.
Badge access control
Cleaning 1x/week
Indoor parking
0.5 km
Bus station
0.5 km
Tram station
0.5 km
Metro station
0.18 km
Train Station
0.75 km
Brussel's Park
0.75 km
Cinquentenaire's park
1.2 km
Ambiorix Square
0.6 km

For rent in this building

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€1,600 - 2 bedr.

La Résidence, Rue Joseph II 21/B1, Brussel

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€1,550 - 2 bedr.

La Résidence, Rue Joseph II 21/A1, Brussel

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€1,900 - 3 bedr.

La Résidence, Rue Joseph II 21/A5, Brussel

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€1,900 - 3 bedr.

La Résidence, Rue Joseph II 21/A6, Brussel