Building the future

The demand for quality rental housing remains higher than the supply. That is why we work hard on many new built and renovation projects.



The project is located in the thriving "Dam" district. Contemporary and sustainable, it consists of the construction of 37 new flats and 1 office space grouped around a courtyard garden. Some flats have their own outdoor space.

  3.167 m² (above ground)
  37 units
  35 parking spots




Quartier Bleu

The project is located in the Quarter Bleu of Hasselt and comprises 37 residential units spread over 5 residential floors. Most of the flats have a view on the water and all residents have access to the private roof garden. Diversity, sustainability and quality of life are at the heart of the project's design.

  4.308 m² (above ground)
  37 units
  1.842 Public parking spots




Jourdan 95

In Saint-Gilles in Brussels, we are working on a thorough renovation of the "Jourdan" building. We will provide 48 rental flats, a children's day care centre on the ground floor, a screening room, a laundry room, a co-working space and various other shared areas. The underground garage will provide space for 65 vehicles and 159 bicycles.

  5.636 m² (above ground)
  48 units
  65 parking spots




City Dox

Benefiting from the tranquillity and greenery of the adjacent canal, this major new residential project will not only provide housing, but also space for productive activities, thus supporting economic activity in this former industrial centre of Brussels.

  20.550 m² (above ground)
  163 units
  132 parking spots




Key West

On the edge of the Biestebroek basin, a stone's throw from Gare du Midi, this building is a new gateway to the city centre. By integrating geothermal heating, a garden and communal parking, this project will meet the highest environmental and comfort standards.

  10.658 m² (above ground)
  101 units
  Public parking spots




Léon Théodore

This project is located in the heart of Jette, near the Place du Miroir. The building is currently leased for several years. When the lease expires, we will convert the existing building into a residential project with a commercial ground floor.

  4.977 m² (above ground)
  29 units
  29 parking spots





At a stone's throw from the Eilandje, this former warehouse, currently leased as office space, will be redeveloped into a residential project at the end of the current lease.

  4.475 m² (above ground)
  23 units
  32 parking spots